Friday, July 18, 2008

where has the summer gone?

i had all these marvelous plans of what i was going to accomplish while the kids were in summer school. well, the last day of school was yesterday and i have gotten absolutely nothing done!
july is just about over and we have been to the river exactly zero times.

i guess it's time to get up and do something. but what? i need to box up my scrap room, clean out the back room and make something usable out of that space, weed through the kids' bedrooms, re-do the library at the school. plus, i want to get outside and start work on the yard. it's so depressing.

i just need to get through the next 10 days. we've got vbs next week, the wedding next weekend and tate's panel visit to ucdavis the following week.

i guess maybe i should start with laundry.

thanks for listening

Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy day after

where have the last 2 weeks gone? it seems like i've been busy every single day, but nothing has really been accomplished. i hate that.

i finished and delivered my first design team project. karyn really seemed to like it.

we bought bek a new quad. it is amazing, to me, that we can just go out and pay cash for something like that. God has certainly blessed beyond what we deserve.

i took the kids to the 4th of july parade yesterday. it was so cool to see my dad teaching my children the same patriotism that i grew up with. i hope they become flag wavers, too.

i took this super cute picture of them walking home from the parade. we ended up skipping the big fireworks show because of fog. we hung out with the drowns and the kids ran wild until almost midnight.

i need to go. jeff and the kids made french toast for brunch. this is the life, i tell you.

thanks for listening

Monday, June 16, 2008

my first REAL day of summer

and jeff gets me out of bed at 6:20, because he left the house with his keys. since i was ignoring his knocking on the door, he called the house and that got me up for good. i guess i didn't need that extra hour of sleep i was aiming at.

we have a couple of friends over while their mom is at jury duty this morning. bek is so not a morning person, but she is doing her best to be a help. tate, who is a live wire from the moment he opens his eyes, has been begging to go outside since a little after 8. i made the boys wait till 9:30, for the sake of the neighborhood. they have managed to find a dying rodent of some sort. that's just more than i can handle, so i just put a basket over it to wait for jeff to get home. let him deal it. now the boys are guarding the basket and it's poor dying resident from the evil kitties of the surrounding area. at least they are amused for now.

i need, need, need to get some scrappy stuff done today! no more goofing off. i mean it. i want to get my DT project done and kendri's sign finished before my next massage. i feel guilty about wanting to play with my new scrap stuff while i still have these on my desk. AND i need to clean out my scrap room. i'm talking serious purge here.

i must get busy. i must.

thanks for listening.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

as good a day as any, i suppose

i've been thinking about starting a blog for sometime now. i don't really think anyone but me will be interested, but it will be a way for me to keep my thoughts straight. mine won't be as fancy as some, but i am hoping to 'doll it up' as i learn more.

today, i actually wanted to run away from home. it's the second day of summer vacation and my kids are already driving me crazy! i just do not understand why they cannot follow a simple direction when we are in public. and living in such a small town, it's embarrassing. i know my friends think i am the psycho bitch mom from hell, but the the kids are driving me to it. so to get my frustration out, i washed and waxed the xb. then i told jeff that was his father's day gift, since he is always after me to wash the dang thing.

i don't know why i am sitting here. i should be working on my DT project. i guess i'd better get my butt in gear.

thanks for listening.